Products for wall decor projects

Remo One® R5

An innovative, double-sided foam tape featuring permanent adhesive on one side and repositionable adhesive on the other. This tape can be repositioned on the wall, damage free, up to five times. Designed for seasonal and short-term wall décor.

Compatible with a wide range of materials, including:

· Glass

· Metal

· Wood

· Molded plastic

· Glazed ceramic

Remo Two® R5

A double-sided foam tape with repositionable adhesive on both sides that removes cleanly from the frame and wall surface up to five times damage free. Designed for staging décor and not intended for permanent placement.

Compatible with a range of non-porous décor materials, including:

·  Glass

·  Metal

·  Hard plastics

Remo® Hybrid R5

A double-sided foam tape with semi-permanent, residue-free adhesive on one side for application to non-porous objects and repositionable adhesive on the other with medium tack for application to wall surfaces. Designed for damage free mounting and repositionability up to five times, even after extended periods.

Ideal for use with:

· Glass

· Metal

· Hard plastics