Products for appliances

Duraco High Bond

A high-performance acrylic foam core tape designed for bonding dissimilar metals and maintaining performance across thermal cycles, moisture exposure, and solvent resistance. DHB tapes can isolate vibration and distribute stress, requiring no unique tools or equipment to apply.

Utilize Duraco High Bond® for applications such as:

· Permanent POP displays

· Appliance


· Electronics

· Architectural signage

· Truck and trailer

Gasketing Solutions

With over 75 years of history, the experienced Duraco team has faced many unique applications and material challenges. Our main goal is to ensure we formulate a gasket material that best fits our customers’ end specifications. Duraco can manufacture foam gaskets produced from polyethylene (Open & Closed Cell), neoprene blends, and PVC. These unique gaskets are available in multiple thicknesses and densities suitable for use in multiple end markets and indoor/outdoor applications.

Duraco’s diverse range of gasketing materials offer:

· Chemical resistance

· Waterproofing

· Extreme temperature/moisture resistance

· Vibration isolation

· Dustproofing

At Duraco, we specialize in delivering bonding and gasketing solutions. Our broad selection of pressure sensitive adhesive tape and customization capabilities ensure your adhesive is suitable for your specific needs and specifications. From design to the finished product, our experts are available to ensure every customer receives the ultimate tape for their unique project. Contact us today to discover our bonding and sealing solutions.

Dubl Kote®

A foam tape featuring an aggressive, permanent adhesives and manufactured in continuous-length rolls hand or machine application. These tapes are excellent for filling spaces and conforming to irregular surfaces.

Excellent for applications such as:

· Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent displays

· Plastic profile extrusions

· Pocket brochure holders

· Decorative trim

DK Film®

Featuring an aggressive rubber-based adhesive and thin PET carrier that allows seamless bonding and joining of a variety of substrates, without the thickness of a traditional foam tape.

Available in pre-cut pieces and continuous rolls and ideal for:

· Temporary corrugated displays

· Semi-permanent and permanent displays

· Plastic profile extrusions

· Wire raceways

DK Film® Hi-Tack Acrylic

Tape featuring ultra-high-tack acrylic-based adhesive on a PET film carrier well suited for demanding applications. Offers high initial tack, excellent UV and plasticizer resistance, and long-term adhesive bond. Available in varying roll lengths up to 1500’ to help maximize inline taping efficiencies.

Excellent for application including:

· Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent displays

· Nameplates

· Wide format graphics

· Plastic fasteners

Twin Stick®

Designed with a high-tack permanent rubber-based adhesive and conformable foam carrier, Twin Stick® is the ideal choice for bonding a wide variety of substrates. This iconic double sided foam tape is available in pre-cut to pieces to help optimize your design, assembly, and installation process.

Ideal for use with:

· Temporary and semi-permanent displays

· Signage

· Caps and headers

· Promotional graphics