Products for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Duraco High Bond®

A high-performance acrylic foam core tape designed for bonding dissimilar metals and maintaining performance across thermal cycles, moisture exposure, and solvent resistance. DHB tapes can isolate vibration and distribute stress, requiring no unique tools or equipment to apply.

Utilize Duraco High Bond® for applications such as:

· Permanent POP displays

· Appliance


· Electronics

· Architectural signage

· Truck and trailer

Duraco Hook and Loop®

Fasteners featuring a strong adhesive with high initial tack on one side and a hook-and-loop construction on the other that allows for repeated attachment. These products are available in tape, coin, roll, low profile, and piece formats.

Hook and Loop fasteners are excellent for:

· Sample books

· POP displays

· Exhibits

· Enclosures

· Packaging

· Binders

· Pallet skirts

Duraco Polyolefin

A flexible, closed cell foam offering light, dust, air, and moisture sealing, good thermal barrier, conformability to irregular or textured surfaces.

This tape is especially well-suited for:

· Air sealing

· Moisture sealing

· Glazing tape

· Shipping pads

· Packaging

· Architectural

High Density Urethane (Poron)

An open cell foam tape that exhibits closed cell characteristics when compressed. This tape features permanent adhesive and offers very low compression set, good shock absorption, and low out-gassing.

This tape is ideal for:

· Electrical enclosures

· Access doors/panels

· Louver and vent gasketing

· Lighting

· HVAC enclosures

· Electronics

Thick Twin Stick®

Blocks with permanent adhesive on both sides used to create a lasting 3D effect. Featuring an extremely aggressive rubber-based adhesive designed to adhere to many different types of surfaces including corrugate, chipboard, wood, powder coated materials, UV coatings.

Ideal for many applications, including:

· Temporary and semi-permanent displays

· Signage

· Caps and headers

· Promotional graphics

VNN Weather Stripping

A vinyl nitrile neoprene blend closed cell foam coated with Duraco’s innovative, permanent, rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive in order to provide a reliable bond to the most difficult industrial application. Features good oil and chemical resistance and high non-stretch characteristics.

This tape is ideal for:


· Roof curb

· Door gasketing

· General industrial

· Dust sealing

· Light sealing

Dubl Kote®

A foam tape featuring an aggressive, permanent adhesives and manufactured in continuous-length rolls hand or machine application. These tapes are excellent for filling spaces and conforming to irregular surfaces.

Excellent for applications such as:

· Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent displays

· Plastic profile extrusions

· Pocket brochure holders

· Decorative trim

Duraco Red®

A clear, high-performance, 8mil thick double-sided tape with a red release liner. Your engineered solution for hard-to-bond substrates, this tape is formulated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for strong resistance to plasticizers, UV rays, and high temperatures. It also offers excellent clarity that keeps graphics sharp and readable.

Duraco Red® is the perfect solution for:

· Interior and exterior signage

· POP displays

· Graphics with UV coatings

· Plastic profile extrusions

· Primary packaging

· Clear acrylic or glass

Remo One®

Featuring a double-sided foam tape with permanent, rubber-based adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the mounting side. Available in pads, pieces, and long-length rolls.

Ideal for applications such as:

· Promotional and temporary signage

· Temporary and permanent displays

· Single-use promotional graphics

· Wobblers and shelf talkers

Remo One® Plus

A double-sided foam tape engineered with removable adhesive on one side and permanent adhesive on the other, offering four times the strength of standard removable tape.

Designed for removability from hard, delaminating
surfaces and applications such as:

· Temporary signs

· Price channel moldings

· Nameplates

· Shelf dividers

· Point-of-purchase displays

· Metal shelving

· Merchandising racks

Remo Two®

A double-sided adhesive foam tape with removable rubber-based adhesive on both sides. Remo Two® is identified with Duraco’s green printed liner and removes cleanly from most non-delaminating surfaces, even after extended periods of time. This tape is available in pieces, pads, and long-length rolls.

Remo Two® is designed for many applications, including:

· Wall décor

· Temporary and permanent displays

· Promotional and temporary signage

· Single use graphics

· Consumer packaging

· In kits unattached to graphics

Remo One® Film

Featuring an aggressive permanent adhesive on one side and a removable, residue-free adhesive on the other side of a PET film carrier. Removes cleanly from most hard non-delaminating surfaces even after extended periods of time. Available in pre-cut pieces and long-length rolls.

Ideal for flush bonding of many substrates
and is excellent for applications, including:

· Temporary, semi-permanent displays

· Single-use graphics

· Wobblers

· Promotional signage

Twin Stick®

Designed with a high-tack permanent rubber-based adhesive and conformable foam carrier, Twin Stick® is the ideal choice for bonding a wide variety of substrates. This iconic double sided foam tape is available in pre-cut to pieces to help optimize your design, assembly, and installation process.

Ideal for use with:

· Temporary and semi-permanent displays

· Signage

· Caps and headers

· Promotional graphics